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June 12, 2009


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we will never be "over it" identity is a complex thing and is very contextual. We need a certain amt of control to feel comfortable w the contextualization. Otherwise we get inaccurate framing or information overload.

The current systems are accounting for this so it results in "bad" social form.

I actually believe google has done us a favor in regards to social constructs about the social notion of "privacy" but still has much to learn. http://silona.org/google-you-are-teaching-people-bad-habits/2009/06/20/

I wish I could help reframe a survey like this to not just being the abstract notion of privacy but getting a bit more specific about contextualization and the other social constructs around privacy.

Of course I am researching the Concept of OpenBanking :-) and what that could mean both for the individual (whose information is gathered on a scary level) and the banking business's own transparency.

Hello Antony,

yes, I am interested in receiving a copy of the survey summary and analysis.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

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